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HS2 works notification: Hampstead Road works update; demolition of the former Network Rail Power Signal Box; intermittent soundproof tests at Melton Street site.

Hampstead Road works update, 24 March to 30 March 2021

Prior to starting construction of the Hampstead Road bridge extension, we need to finish setting up our worksite on Hampstead Road. We also need to remove the central reserve from the middle of the road to enable a right-hand turn out of our new haul road onto Hampstead Road and we also need to temporarily suspend bus stop W on Hampstead Road. The nearest alternative bus stops are Robert Street stop J and bus stop K near the corner of Netley Street and at Mornington Crescent underground station. For further information please see the work item .

Demolition of the former Network Rail Power Signal Box, 25 March to late September 2021.

Container screening will be delivered and installed from late March to early April in preparation for the demolition of the former Network Rail Power Signal Box. This is being installed at the north-east corner of the building to prevent material from escaping on to the railway. Please see the work item .

Intermittent soundproof tests at Melton Street site, week commencing 22 March 2021.

As we continue with enabling works in the area, we need to carry out intermittent soundproof tests to measure how much noise the acoustic shed at Melton Street will contain. Please see the work item .

If you have any questions about the recent changes or would like some help using the new interactive map, please contact our HS2 Helpdesk team on 08081 434 434 or email hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk .

Posted on 12th March 2021

by HS2 in Camden